Marry Me. 
.We were travelling around Mexico and California in June 2018. We were enjoying our last night in Long Beach LA at a waterfront restaurant before hitting the big lights of Vegas the following day. Sitting seaside while the sun was setting he took me by surprise with a handful of coins he put in my hand, there in amongst the coins was an engagement ring! This really was a trip to remember!

The Day. 
We chose 1st March 2019 in a location very special to us both, Raglan. Raglan is where Joel and I first met and is where I am from, so to have our wedding at my family home really was a dream come true. We were very lucky that the sun was shining and the evening was so beautiful.


The Details.
Our wedding was a mixture of whimsical romance and a rustic beach vibe. Most of the greenery was from my parents property mixed in with the soft white hues.


I did most of the organising and planning for our wedding day, but we both had a plan in mind of exactly what we wanted. The look/feel of our wedding was mainly based on the surroundings of Raglan and us as a couple, Relaxed, Rustic, Simple & Whimsical.


Expectations and Reality. 
Everyone told me to enjoy your day as it will fly past quickly, I never really took that on board but WOW does it fly by! I had so much fun the whole day and night that in the morning I just wanted to do it all over again! Luckily we had planned for a second day of celebrating with a casual brunch which gave us some time to enjoy everyone that was their celebrating with us. My favourite surprise on the day was my 3year old nephew stealing the mic from our band and singing ‘old Mcdonald’ while canapes were being served, he won over the guests.


From One Bride To Another.
The one tip I have for the D-I-Y brides, relax and trust others around you that they will make your day perfect even when you think you’re the only one with the vision in your head! The day goes very fast so make time to stop and enjoy yourself.

Best Bit.
How to choose a moment to relive, they were all so great! The moment that stands out the most to me is just as the sun was setting we headed out for a few sunset photos, just the two of us. Walking together in that low light reminiscing on the day we had just had with our family and friends.

Photographer: Stephan & Nakita
Venue: Home
Hair & Makeup: Laura Adlam
Dress: Made with Love
Suites: Halensteins Brothers
Rings: Diamonds on Richmond