The Day.
We got married at Old Forest School in the Bay Of Plenty. It was the only venue we looked at and we fell in love with it immediately! 
It was such a beautiful setting within the forest, amongst gorgeous wild gardens and buildings full of history.  
We were married three days before Christmas so to get in the spirit of it we asked our band to play the Pouges, Fairy Tale of New York, which had all of our guests up on the dance floor with a bit a festive flavour.
The Details.

Our venue fitted perfectly into what we imagined our wedding day to be, fun and relaxed with a vintage bohemian vibe. I knew I wanted beautiful wild colourful flowers for our bouquets against the gorgeous soft subtle colours of our Blak bridesmaid dresses. I loved the relaxed look of the bridesmaid’s hair, loose and softly curled. I also had flowers in my hair to match my bohemian style long sleeve dress. We wanted it to be great big celebration, where everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves


Expectation and Reality. 

We wanted our bridal party and families to feel completely relaxed on the day and we wanted our ceremony to be relatively short yet still beautiful and meaningful! we were looking forward to the formalities such as the speeches that make it feel like a wedding just as much a letting loose on the dance floor. I absolutely loved our wedding; it was the best day ever marrying my greatest love in front of all my friends and family. I was only surprised about how fast the day went!!


From One Bride to Another.
I would just say to make sure you relax, take it all in and enjoy it! It is so true how fast the day will go so make sure you take a moment to breathe it all in and appreciate how special the day really is! There are not that many opportunities in life for all your nearest and dearest to come together under one roof. Everyone wants to be there to celebrate you and your future and in the end that’s all that really matters.


Best Bit. 
There are so many moments I would love to go back to! It was so much fun getting ready with my bridesmaids and family with all the nerves and excitement. One of my stand-out memories would have to be walking down the aisle with my parents and first spotting my future husband waiting for me that was pretty special. I couldn’t believe everyone had actually all turned up and it was such a lovely feeling, receiving all the congratulatory hugs from everyone special in your lives afterwards. And of course the party afterwards! That was so much fun and I loved having everyone up on the dance floor enjoying our amazing band, I would do it all again in a heartbeat.