Jackie's Bridesmaid's wear: Haven dress                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Marry Me

Like something out of a romantic movie. We're high school sweethearts and had been together 14 years when he finally popped the question, we'd been in no rush. We were on the trip of our lifetime, leaving NZ in November 2019 to spend 3 months in Europe making it home just before things got crazy in 2020! Anyway back to the night.. it was New Years Eve and we were in Paris, after spending Christmas with my grandmother in Cognac. We'd just watched the 10pm light display on the Eiffel Tower and were making our way to find a spot on the steps in the Trocadéro Gardens. We stopped to take a picture in a spot where I have one as a 6 year old, and while I thought he was behind me taking a photo, he was actually down on one knee calling my name to turn around. I was in absolute shock and couldn't believe it was happening, I did not expect it at all - even though this has always been a dream of mine. We popped a bottle of bubbles right then and there and then he bought me a single rose (totally Parisian). We called our family and friends back home in NZ to let them know the good news while we sat amongst the locals and tourists in Paris drinking and celebrating the end of an incredible decade, having no idea what the next year was going to bring. It was the best ending to 2019!

The Day

Our wedding was 20th February 2021 at Tanglewood Retreat in Waimauku.
The venue is very special to us both. Marko's ex boss owns the land and his daughter (Stacey) has created Tanglewood Retreat out there, we've been going to the BEST parties out there for years and always rave about the space to our friends. We'd been at a party there in mid-2019 and Stacey mentioned how they were starting to host weddings. The day after getting engaged we were sitting in a Parisian café and both said to each other what about Tanglewood for the venue. An email was sent, dates were thrown around and within a month of being engaged we were starting to plan our wedding from Europe.
We wanted a summer wedding, I knew February was usually dry and trusting weather-wise. We stuck with it amongst all the COVID drama, even as it became clear that family from overseas wouldn't be able to attend. We didn't want to push it out and wait for an unknown amount of time and we'd always wanted a small wedding. It was hard not having some family there, especially my grandmother (half mine is in France and half of Marko's is in South Africa), but they were all watching on live stream.


We didn't really have a 'theme'. I always knew my girls would be in a shade pink and that there would be touches of pink throughout the flowers and decorations (I love pink). The venue is all outdoors and the nature surrounding us really did the talking, so I wanted to keep things pretty basic. The tables from Wood & Wild do all the talking so I just had pots of rosemary and some candles as centre pieces. I was set on having cutlery from Two Foxes, I love the slim white and gold, we also got rust napkins from them which matched well with the girls dresses. It was really all that was needed on the tables and I'm so happy I didn't get caught up in the Instagram/Pinterest whirlwind and think I needed more (I almost went down the rabbit hole). I also wanted a long steam bouquet and went very basic with the rest of the flowers, just a couple of bunches for the arch and some for the gift table and bar top. 

Expectations and Reality

To have fun and to celebrate our love with all the people that have been there along the way - and that was exactly how the day was. I'd been told the day goes by fast and it truly does, I couldn't believe how fast time flew by.
Our biggest surprise was Auckland being put into lockdown level 3 for 3 days, the week of our wedding. Thankfully 'Aunty Jacinda' let us out the Thursday beforehand, so after that we were just happy to be going ahead, nothing was really going to get us down. I went into the day very chilled and held onto that throughout the day which was a huge surprise. The morning of we noticed we were 10 chairs short and I laughed it off - I surprised myself with that reaction. Not everything went to plan but we let it go and moved forward. In the end of the day I don't want to look back on 'what-could-have-been', because 'what-was' was perfectly us.

From One Bride To Another

Accept the help, I should have accepted more. Stick to your plan for the day, don't let anyone try and change your mind if there is something you are 100% wanting to do.
The day is about you and your partner, make sure you do what you both want. 

Best Moment

The first look, it was the best moment. Also walking down the aisle, stepping round the corner with my brother and seeing all our friends and family there and Marko at the end made it all so so real! 


Tables - Wood & Wild
Chairs, Neon Sign, Festoon Lights - Pretty Prop Shop
Sofas, Umbrellas, Cutlery, Napkins, Festoons - Two Foxes
Flowers - Bloomsday
Photographer - Charlotte Christian
Bridal Dress - Made with Love, Felicity Bridal
Bridal robes - Something Blue
Makeup - Rachel Allsopp
Hair - Emily Pouwhare / The Guru Knows
Venue + Catering - Tanglewood Retreat
Cake - Amano Bakery
Donuts - Krispy Kreme