Marry Me.
We were on holiday in Sydney and  Ricky surprised me with a picnic breakfast on a pier overlooking Sydney harbour in a beautiful cove in Watsons bay. 
He had asked the hotel to organised a picnic for us and at the end of breakfast he asked me to marry him. We spent the rest of the morning drinking champagne and celebrating with friends, it was the best! 
Kali and Ricky at the alter

The Day.
We got married in Pauanui in the Coromandel, which is Ricky's hometown. 
His family has a lot of history there and we have spent many holidays, and weekends there over the years so its a special place for us with lots of memories. 


The Details.
Our wedding was a mixture of relaxed beach and romantic whimsical with lots of fresh flowers, greenery and a big clear marquee so you could feel at one with the surroundings (farmland, trees etc ) and were able to see the starry sky at night.


I love the minimal theme so I didn't have too many decorations, just fresh flowers and greenery. Pinterest, Instagram, other friends weddings, together journal and other bridal magazines 


Expectation and Reality. 
All we expected, and received, was big celebration with everyone we love. 
Everyone says how fast it goes and I don't think you can appreciate it until its your turn but we made sure there were a few slow moments where we could just step back  and feel so grateful for all the amazing people in our lives who were there just for us. 


From One Bride To Another.
Delegate jobs leading up to the day and on the day of the wedding so you can relax and enjoy every moment, have a run sheet and a plan B, especially if its a wet weather option and on the day, just embrace anything that happens especially the things that 'go wrong' they make great stories later! 


Best Bit.  
Our Vows, its like the whole world stops and in that moment nothing else matters except from the person standing in front of you. I loved that.