Marry Me.
Shailan and I were heading to London for Xmas with his family. For me this was my first time meeting them face to face. We had of course been on face time a lot. It was a freeing Boxing Day in London and Shailan and I had already planned to go into London for a nice dinner just the two of us. So off we went on the train. We got to the tower bridge and got a few photos, lucky for us it was a clear but cold evening. We wondered around looking for places to eat. Well at least that’s what I thought we were doing. Shailan was actually searching for somewhere to propose. I kept making suggestions and he was fob them off. We then found this wee arcade with a huge Xmas tree and lights everywhere. I then spotted a red phone box and I suggested we go take a selfie in there. We took a few photos and then next minute Shailan said he needed to tie is shoe lace so got out my phone and took another selfie. As you do. Then I turned around and Shailan was on one knee asking me to marry him. It was a very surreal moment. I think I was in shock. I said yes of course. Then he took me up to top of the Shard and we celebrated with bubbles and then headed to a beautiful restaurant looking over the Tower of London for dinner where we called our family with the news. It was so special to be able to share it with all our family and close friends. A holiday I will never forget. 
The Day.
Shailan and I got married on April 4th 2018 at The officers Mess, Devonport. We fell in love with the venue and backdrop. Considering 95% of our guest were from out of Auckland we thought it would be an ideal place to show off Auckland. We were super lucky and had a beautiful warm sunny day and an even better sunset.
The Details. 
I did all the planning and organising myself but wanted something classic, easy and timeless. We didn’t want a big fuss, but wanted people to just enjoy the day with us. I chose the white and gold theme with the greenery as I felt it was timeless and classic just how i wanted. We had fairy lights to help create a intimate/romantic setting. 
Shailan and I had such a special day with our friends and family. It was intimate and beautiful. I wouldn’t change anything and I wish I could go back and do it all again.
Shailan was bought up in the UK with both his parents moving to the UK from India.
Although we didn’t have a traditional Indian wedding we included a Hindu blessing into our ceremony. It was extra special to be able to share/mix a different culture into our day. Something that was so special and important to us and something we will also be grateful for.
Expectation and Reality.
Everyone told me the day would fly by and to make sure Shailan and I took 5mins to ourselves to just take the whole moment in. For me the day went at a great pace, I remember all the fun and laughter. Shailan and I did sit on the deck while our guests were seated for dinner and it was the first time we had both just stopped and taken in the day, we even shared a wee slow dance as our singer Josh Leys was just finishing for dinner.
From One Bride to Another.
Plan plan and plan. Be super organised and have a budget for everything. Shailan and I had a spreadsheet for every bit we spent and in the end our budget covered us for all 4days of events not just the wedding. Also shop around, don’t buy the first thing you see. Do online research, 98% of the time you’ll find it cheaper or something very similar for cheaper.
Best Bit.
I wish that we had videoed the speeches. They were incredible and I would love to go back to that moment often. I wish that we recorded the speeches so we could one day show our kids too. Also I would love to see myself walking up the aisle! I would love to see it from Shailan’s view. He was really struggling to hold himself together.