Marry Me 

I knew it was coming but didn’t know on the day. Greg took me out to the farm, Hallsgate, which I had never been to before. His uncle owns it, and Greg spent time there as a child.


Once we arrived, there was a quad bike set up for me to ride, and Greg rode his dirt bike. He said we were just going for a ride around the farm and said there was a nice view at the top. So we set off and, after awhile, started going up a hill. We stopped halfway, and he said to me, "Wait here, I need to go check the track to see if it’s OK to drive up." I happily waited, and when he came back, he said he would drive me up on the quad to be safer.


Once we got to the top, he told me to walk up to the little landing at the top. The view was insane and you could see the whole of Gisborne Bay. Before I got to the top, I saw a picnic with bubbles laid out. I turned around and Greg was on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was perfect! We sat and looked out at the view and drank champagne.



The Big Day

December the 10th, 2021 at Hallsgate Farm It was special to us as we got engaged on the farm earlier in the year at the peak, and wanted to get married at the same place and take beautiful photos around the farm.


The Inspiration 

Rattan/boho type theme with terracotta white and clay pink colours and inside dried flowers. I wanted my dress to be modern,sleek, and timeless. The way we wanted our wedding to be casual with no strict timelines, no seating plans, just a mix and mingle type vibe.


From One Bride to Another

Enjoy Your Day! Don’t worry about being on time or rushing around. The day is about you and your husband, so make sure you do what you both want, not what others want.


The Bridesmaids 

My bridesmaids loved their dresses. One of them was pregnant, so we needed to find a style that would suit her as well as the others. We looked at different styles for each person but ended up with the same style with different colours. We went with the Cairo slip dress, and the colours perfectly match the girls' skin tones, so they are able to wear them again and again.




Photographer: Zara staples
Hair: Sam Virtue Hair
Make Up: Nourish by Natalie  
Brides Dress: Gown and altar 
Flowers: @leesahall21
Furniture: @flockevents
Earrings and wedding rings: Meadowlark