"We met about 13 years ago when we were playing for the same club. 

Shane was playing rugby and me netball - occasionally we saw each other out and had the same friend circle but never really noticed each other.

Fast forward and we went to a function held by our club - got talking...he asked me on a date and the rest is history. Quickly realised we were the same person and just clicked!"


"We were busy on the farm with it being spring. We were in our second lockdown from COVID and both quite stressed. ⁠

I got out of the shower the night after my birthday and Shane had candles lit and gave me a massage then said, “there’s one more thing...” and pulled out the ring and asked me. ⁠

I was in complete shock and replied with a shocked 'f*** off' which made him even more nervous! But then I said yes and we were both so happy."⁠


"We had our wedding at Ten Acres Inglewood. It was just a day planned for us, outdoors, which we both wanted.

It was a simple ceremony but we each wrote our own vows and my two daughters (from a previous relationship and then we have one together) each held the rings and presented these to us. Our celebrant was also a family friend."


"I had my best friend Stacey, my childhood friend Karina, and my sisters Karen and Jax."


"My bridesmaids loved their dresses! I saw the dress and the colour on a @blakbridesmaids Instagram post and just fell in love. ⁠
It also matched amazingly with the silver shoes I'd bought. My sister Karen went into the Newmarket store to try on a whole heap to make sure we got the colour and fabric right. We did it all over FaceTime!"⁠

BRIDESMAIDS WEAR Cairo Dress in crepe satin Sage