Steer your special day away from being run-of-the-mill by infusing every part of it with you, your partner and your love story.

Personalise everything from the decorations, to the food, entertainment and music to give your guests an experience celebrating your wedding that they'll never forget!


Consider how you might be able to use a place that feels significant to your relationship. Maybe you hold your wedding in the town you met, or you choose a venue where you had your first date, or hold your reception where you got engaged. Or, opt for a venue that reflects your shared interests, like a vineyard if you both love wine or a rustic barn if you both having farming backgrounds!


Display framed photos of memorable moments in your relationship, such as travels, adventures, or milestones. Use signage with quotes or lyrics that hold special meaning to you as a couple, or incorporate little touches that reflect your hobbies or interests; such as books if you love lazy Sundays reading in bed together, or vintage records if you have a shared love of music.


Write your own vows that capture the essence of your relationship and the promises you want to make to each other. Incorporate rituals or traditions that hold significance to your cultural backgrounds or shared experiences. Invite family and friends to share readings, poems, or anecdotes that feel unique to you both and celebrate your unique love.


Whether it's a vintage-inspired theme reflecting your love for old movies and classic romance or a travel-themed wedding highlighting your adventures together, infusing your interests into the theme can create a celebration nobody will forget!


Incorporate dishes into your menu that hold special meaning to your relationship, such as the cuisine of a destination you both love or family recipes passed down through generations. Or you could try a mixology class before the wedding and come up with a signature cocktail to represent your love story!


Offer interactive guest experiences that reflect your interests and personalities. You could include an interactive cooking or cake decoration station if you both love to be in the kitchen, or have your favourite board games set up for everyone to play. If you have a passion for photography, leave cameras on the tables for your guests to get creative with, or if you want a piece of art to remember the day by, provide painting supplies and get your friends and family to add their mark to a canvas.


Send guests home with personalised wedding favours that reflect your love story. Maybe homemade treats inspired by your favourite recipes, keepsakes that tie into your wedding theme, or gift items that represent milestones in your story together.


Choose entertainment and music that reflect your personalities and tastes as a couple; like a live band or DJ that specialises in playing your favourite genres of music. Don't forget to include significant songs over the years since you've been in love, or your favourite tunes to enjoy together!

Image of Felicity + Josh's wedding.