"We actually met at kindy when were 4, went through primary school together where I had a crush on him. We started dating at 16 and 13 years later we’re finally married. We’ve literally grown up together."

BLAK Bridesmaids Real Wedding Lisa and Jordan

"Jordan proposed at Waikite Springs just outside of Rotorua. We’d gone a few years earlier but the experience was less than pleasant due to Jordan being deathly hungover. When he proposed I had just made a dumb joke and was in complete shock, after asking if he was sure, I said yes. Funny part was the ring was about 3 sizes too small."
"We got married at the Henley hotel on the 8th of April 2022. The Henley was the most perfect venue, we had never heard of it before nor any of our guests. Everyone still tells us how stunning the venue was.
"Neither of us had a 21st or anything so the wedding was the first time we’ve ever had all our loved ones together in one place. The most special part was having Jordan’s Nana and Pa at the wedding. With them both being in their 90’s and with COVID around we were extra grateful to have had them there."
"From the get go I wanted the wedding to be timeless and classic, I didn’t want to look back on it and have any regrets because I followed a trend at the time. We had black and white everything, from the stationery to the table settings to the grooms tux. Jordan was not convinced initially about the white tuxedo jacket but I knew it would be something special, and he looked so handsome. Who says only the bride can wear white?"
"[I had] my three best friends in the world. Sarah and Maggie who both had newborns at the wedding, it meant the whole world to me that they could both be there. And Nicole, my maid of honour, without her we wouldn’t have had a wedding, she planned the whole thing! It was extra special having her help me get dressed. She’s like the big sister I never had.
"The girls all chose their own styles in the colour Moss. It was important for me that the girls were all comfortable and confident in what they wore. The wide selection of styles sizes made BLAK the obvious choice for my maids."
Bridesmaids wear Adore Dress, Frida Dress and Eternal Dress in Moss.
BLAK Bridesmaids - Real Wedding - Lisa and Jordan
"Seeing the guy I had dreamed about marrying since I was 10 years old waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I was so nervous about the walk (my veil got caught in the bush and all the girls, knowing how nervous I was, thought I’d done a runner) looking up and seeing him all my nerves just melted away."
Invited by Susan